20th October 2018

7pm until 1am at the Holiday Inn, Peterborough

The Big Bold Ball

Our vision is simple, our mission so clear,

Create an evening of magic and sparkle each year.

We’ll support those most vulnerable, less fortunate and in need

But your help is required to complete our good deed.


Real magic happens when people unite

And that is our plan for this wonderful night.

So, gather your colleagues, your friends, and your peers

And prepare for an evening of laughter and tears.


Our fundraising target, ambitious and great,

Will touch many lives, so please save the date.

Our chosen charity

Tucked away, within a beautiful setting, in the heart of the small yet vibrant city of Peterborough, is a place so magical that it touches people’s lives every day of the week.

This haven for many relies heavily on the support and generosity of those more fortunate, which is why The Big Bold Ball will be raising money on their behalf.

The amazing work of Thorpe Hall strikes a chord with everyone, not least because of the fabulous people that make it happen. They change so many lives for the better and give hope to people when all other hope has been lost. We, at OlsenMetrix, wanted to be a part of this and we hope that you will be interested in being a part of it too.

Our big bold goal is to raise in excess of £20,000, so whilst the evening is about having fun and making memories, please dig deep and help us to get there.

In the world of Thorpe Hall, £20,000 will make a huge difference to their patients and loved ones; it could pay for 200 sessions of bereavement counselling and 555 hours of care to support people to live the fullest life possible.

Finding out that there’s no cure for your condition is devastating. But imagine having to spend the time you have left feeling scared, in pain and worried about being a burden or dying alone. Sue Ryder strongly believes every one of us has the right to die as we wish, with the choice of how to spend our final days. You’d want to be sure that you were comfortable and cared for – that you could share every last precious moment with the people you love.

Every penny counts towards making the final weeks, days or hours of these precious lives more comfortable.

A life-limiting diagnosis can happen at any time to anyone. Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice works to take the fear out of dying by providing medical expertise, round the clock care, compassion and understanding for people with life-limiting conditions like cancer, heart failure and lung disease.

That care is given to patients and their families, at the hospice and in the community, free of charge. But it costs £3.3 million every year – and £2.3 million of that has to be fund-raised, by events such as the Big Bold Ball. All the money we raise will help the team at Thorpe Hall Hospice to support and care for people at the most difficult time of their lives.

Every penny counts towards making the final weeks, days or hours of these precious lives more comfortable.

Expectations for an exquisite evening

On this exciting October evening, surrounded by the cool autumnal air, a vivacious group of friends, family and colleagues will be entertained beyond their wildest dreams…

Starting at 6pm, honoured guests will be treated to:

  • A sparkling drinks reception
  • Delicious tastes from a delectable 3-course dinner
  • Enchanting magic from a spectacular illusionist
  • Ingenious illustrations from the clever caricaturist
  • Toe tapping temptations from the fantastic live band
  • Booming pop classics from a brilliant DJ
  • Magical moments captured in the digital photo booth
  • Tempting extravagances in our lively live auction
  • Secretive selections in the exclusive silent auction
  • And a rollicking raffle not to be missed

Satiated and thoroughly entertained, our fairy-tale will conclude at 1am (unlike the Cinderella story).

Dress to impress!

It could be big, it could be bold,

It could be vivacious, or glittering gold!

The wildest of colours, or patterns divine,

When selecting your outfit, don’t toe the line!

But a word of small caution, to help you along...

That Emperor’s outfit is definitely wrong!

Sponsorship, tables & tickets

The wonderful charity that is Thorpe Hall,
Needs a fairy godmother, most generous of all...

The Big Bold Ball offers a variety of sponsorships suited to large companies, small businesses, and very generous individuals alike.

Main sponsors can opt for Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze packages which reward larger donations with attendance at the ball and some exciting promotional opportunities on the night.

Individual sponsors can show their support by hosting specific elements of the evening including the drinks reception, the Sue Ryder table, the table wine, the live band, the magician, the digital photo booth or even the gifts of appreciation.

And if you simply wish to get involved in the fundraising activities on the night, you can buy individual tables and tickets too!

There’s so many ways for everyone to be a part of this special evening.  So, if you’d like to show your support for the outstanding care provided at the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough, take a look at the packages in more detail: